You need a guide for Lion’s Head Hike safety.
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Is Lion’s Head hike safe? Find out about the dangers and safety.

There are 10 easy safety tips to complete a Lions Head hike. These include mountain safety essentials required to prevent muggings.

Easily 10 of the best safety tips.

  1. Never hike the trail alone – Lions Head trail can be dangerous for solo hikers. Lions Head Hike arranges group tours for solo travellers.
  2. Bring with enough water – Using a large bottle per person that should last the 2-3 hour duration hike, with more to spare.
  3. Know the route – The best planning advice is to know the way you will be taking if unfamiliar then our guided hiking tours are for you.
  4. Bring a flashlight – Hikes during early morning or sunset can get dark, instead be prepared and bring with a light for illumination.
  5. Pick your route – Carefully select the way you will be taking, because there is a more comfortable and more difficult route. We offer tours to all of these routes, so there’s no need to guess which is right for you.
  6. Hike time counts – The time of day you hike effects the weather and more, which can, in turn, affect your mountain experience. The best times to walk are sunrise and sunset, our most popular tours include a beautiful sunrise hike up Lions Head and a picture-perfect sunset on top of the mountain.hikes.
  7. The cost to hike Lion’s Head – Includes our experience of mountain safety as well as your well-being. We look after our clients best interests and will always let you know when things are looking good or have taken a turn for the worst.
  8. Weather changes affect the hike – For Lions Head, the weather in Cape Town will change the way you hike up the mountain. Dress accordingly and always make use of a guide unsure.
  9. Proper shoes – Are an essential ingredient of a good hike, make use of a closed shoe with good grip to avoid accidents from slipping.
  10. Lions Head muggings – Do happen and are unfortunate. However, our guides knowledgeable with many years of experience will be there to prevent accidents by looking out for your safety.
  11. BONUS. Make use of one of Cape Town’s best hiking trails, get your cellphones charged for a day on the mountain. There is a signal and in the event should anything happen, please dial the emergency assistance services. 

We strongly recommend using a guide, the experience will be unique. Guides for Lions Head can be booked by filling out the form.

Cost: R1150 = $80 Per person.

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