Lions Head Hike in Cape Town is an excellent
route for beginners

What’s special about Lion’s Head Hike is that the route incorporates much of the views in Cape Town on the easiest route for beginners. Lions Head is one of those marvelous trails which has so much to offer hikers in terms of nature and views that it is no wonder Lion’s Head Mountain has been rated one of the top 10 things to do in Cape Town, South Africa.

We offer guided hiking tours to Lions Head in the safest environment for beginners to experience the New Wonder of Nature as part of Table Mountain National Park. Tours depart daily and we are look forward to hiking! To check availability please use this link:]

Lions Head information

Lion’s Head also known as the Lion’s Head Mountain is part of Table Mountain National Park in Cape Town, South Africa. The mountain is narrow and has ledges to navigate which will be assisted by the guide. Lion’s Head is 669 meters above sea level and has the best views of Cape Town both towards the sea and also The Table Top. Hikes on Lion’s Head take about 45 minutes up at a fast pace or 1 hour at a reasonable speed.

The views are far better than any hike in our opinion because the Lions Head Trail goes around to both the Atlantic Seaboard and City Centre. These two views of Cape Town are seen from on top of Lion’s Head as well as having the best Table Mountain view in all of Cape Town. Guides will take the group on the easiest route up Lions Head by the Spiral or Chain.

Sometimes the group will elect to do the more challenging route but ONLY is ALL of the participants want to do the Chain route, otherwise we do the Spiral Route be default as the safer way to summit Lions Head Cape Town.

Getting there by car is easy or if Uber is an option then take an Uber to our address where the guide will meet you on the day of the hike. The location is also accessible with public transport being at the intersection of Table Mountain’s Tafelberg Road and Lion’s Head Signal Hill Road, Cape Town.

Pick up is included on tour so if booking a Lion’s Head hike with us then we will pick up at the hotel which details have been provided in the booking. Usually, a full car gets sent through to the mountain where participants will then receive a safety briefing on the hike as well as receive water, snacks.

Special times for Lion’s Head hike includes sunrise and sunset which we advise a guide due to the lighting and safety on the trail. Requests are made to summit the mountain for sunrise and be at the top for sunset which we honor with 100% accuracy. These times are the most beautiful for seeing the sunrise over the city of Cape Town with mountains in the distance as the sun rises with rays emitting light in all directions. Sunset is also good because the sun sets over the Atlantic which gives viewers a chance to take photographs of the ocean and beaches around Cape Town.

Headlamps are provided on sunrise and sunset hikes as needed because the lighting can get dark quickly. Sunrise also requires lighting which is provided because we would like to summit the mountain in time for sunrise.

Information sharing,

Please share these safety tips with a fellow hiker who would like to hike Lions Head. Bloggers can use the link:

Lion’s Head Hike safety

All information on this website is to be used as a guide and not advice. Lion’s Head trail has been in the media because of the number of incidences on the trail in the years prior to the trail’s maintaince, however we can confirm that the trail is best with a guide due to these incidences and many of which were preventable. Safety of Lion’s Head hike is up to participants to follow the trail as well as adhering to the guides safety briefing. There’s no need to be concerned over the hike because our guides are on the trail daily and are prepared in case of emergency.

Protecting oneself on the Lions Head hike means being vigilant on the trail as well as hiring a guide to take pictures of the group as well as being better trained to deal with mountain safety of all people attending the hike.

Lion’s Head Hike time

People ask the question of whether to hike at sunrise or sunset and sunset, to which we say “Both!”, while the views in the morning are better for early light photography and a golden glow of Cape Town so the sunset has a unique appearance in terms of the sunlight being directed over Table Mountain making for a better backdrop. So we say do both because each hike is unique and has something to offer people when joining a tour on either sunrise of sunset hikes. Early birds better do sunrise while sun downers like to do sunset and we generally find both are as enjoyable as one another. Maybe do both if there’s time or join our Table Mountain hike.

Lions Head cost

We charge a fixed rate of R1 150 South African Rand which is equivalent to $80 USD. Hikes include a wide array of services which is a packaged tour.

Group discount can be arranged for participants in large numbers however for this we require the organizer to contact us with quote request by email.

Solo travelers are welcome! We’ll do our best to join those travelling alone. It’s the safest way to do Lions Head hike and we are highly recommended.

Private tours of Lion’s Head hike are available but please contact us to arrange a special quote along with other requests or personalization’s.

Tour inclusions

  • Pick up from hotel, apartment or other accommodation in Cape Town.
  • Water, Snacks and Hot Drinks for the hike as coffee or hot chocolate.
  • Professional photographer guide to take photos of the group on tour.
  • Return transportation back to the address provided in Cape Town.

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