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Lions Head Hike in Cape Town is an excellent route for beginners

What’s unique about Lion’s Head Hike is that the way incorporates much of the views in Cape Town on the most accessible course for beginners. Lions Head is one of those marvelous trails. So much to offer hikers in terms of nature and views that it is no wonder Lion’s Head Mountain has been rated one of the top 10 things to do in Cape Town, South Africa.

We offer guided hiking tours to Lions Head in the safest environment for beginners to experience the New Wonder of Nature as part of Table Mountain National Park. Tours depart daily, and we are looking forward to hiking!

Lions Head information

Lion’s Head also known as the Lion’s Head Mountain, is part of Table Mountain National Park in Cape Town, South Africa. The mountain is narrow and has ledges to navigate, which will be assisted by the guide. Lion’s Head is 669 meters above sea level and has the best views of Cape Town both towards the sea and also The Table Top. Hikes on Lion’s Head take about 45 minutes up at a fast pace or 1 hour at a reasonable speed.

The views are far better than any hike in our opinion because the Lions Head Trail goes around to both the Atlantic Seaboard and City Centre. These two views of Cape Town are seen from on top of Lion’s Head as well as having the best Table Mountain view in all of Cape Town. Guides will take the group on the most straightforward route up Lions Head by the Spiral or Chain.

Sometimes the group will elect to do the more challenging route but ONLY is ALL of the participants want to do the Chain route. Otherwise, we do the Spiral Route be default as the safer way to summit Lions Head Cape Town.

Getting there by car is easy or if Uber is an option then take an Uber to our address where the guide will meet you on the day of the hike. The location is also accessible with public transport being at the intersection of Table Mountain’s Tafelberg Road and Lion’s Head Signal Hill Road, Cape Town.

Pick up is included on tour so if booking a Lion’s Head hike with us then we will pick up at the hotel which details have been provided in the booking. Usually, a full car gets sent through to the mountain where participants will then receive a safety briefing on the hike as well as receive water, snacks.

 Special times for Lion’s Head hike includes sunrise and sunset, which we advise a guide due to the lighting and safety on the trail. Requests are made to summit the mountain for morning and be at the top for sunset, which we honour with 100% accuracy. 

These times are the most beautiful for seeing the sunrise over the city of Cape Town with mountains in the distance as the sun rises with rays emitting light in all directions. Sunset is also good because the sun sets over the Atlantic, which gives viewers a chance to take photographs of the ocean and beaches around Cape Town.

Headlamps are provided on sunrise and sunset hikes as needed because the lighting can get dark quickly. Sunrise also requires lighting which is provided because we would like to summit the mountain in time for sunrise.

Lion’s Head Hike Safety

All information on this website is to be used as a guide and not advice. Lion’s Head trail has been in the media because of the number of incidences on the course in the years before the trail’s maintenance. 

However, we can confirm. The path is best with a guide due to these incidences and many of which were preventable. Safety of Lion’s Head hike is up to participants to follow the trail as well as adhering to the guides safety briefing. There’s no need to be concerned. Our guides are on the path daily and are prepared in case of an emergency.

Protecting oneself on the Lions Head hike means being vigilant on the trail as well as hiring a guide to take pictures of the group as well as being better trained to deal with mountain safety of all people attending the hike.

Lion’s Head Hike Time

People ask the question of whether to hike at sunrise or sunset and sunset, to which we say “Both!”. While the views in the morning are better for early light photography and a golden glow of Cape Town. 

The sunset has a unique appearance in terms of the sunlight being directed over Table Mountain, making for a better backdrop. 

So we say do both because each hike is unusual and has something to offer people when joining a tour on either sunrise of sunset hikes. 

Early birds better do morning while sundowners like to do sunset and we generally find both are as enjoyable as one another. Maybe do both if there’s time or join our Table Mountain hike.

Lions Head Cost

We charge a fixed rate of R1 150 South African Rand, which is equivalent to USD 80. Hikes include a wide array of services which is a packaged tour.

The group discount can be arranged for participants in large numbers, however, for this, we require the organizer to contact us with a quote request by email.

Solo travellers are welcome! We’ll do our best to join those travelling alone. It’s the safest way to do Lions Head hike, and we are highly recommended.

Private tours of Lion’s Head hike are available. Still, please contact us to arrange a particular quote along with other requests or personalizations.

Tour inclusions

  • Pick up from hotel, apartment or other accommodation in Cape Town.
  • Water, Snacks and Hot Drinks for the hike as coffee or hot chocolate.
  • Professional photographer guide to take photos of the group on tour.
  • Return transportation back to the address provided in Cape Town.

About us

Lionsheadhike.com is a guided hiking service provider in Cape Town. Our guided hikes take travellers all around the world to some of Cape Town’s most remote locations and in the best spirit. 

Our team of intrepid travellers has hiked many of the worlds tallest mountains, and we are here to share the experience with you.

lionsheadhike.com is one of the most recommended Cape Town companies to take you to these excellent hiking spots. Pick one and start climbing Table Mountain or hiking Lion’s Head; we offer both Table Mountain hike and Lion’s Head hike as part of our Cape Town tours.

Being a guided hiking company offering Cape Town hiking tours, lionsheadhike.com has seen a fair amount of media coverage over the years about dangerous or fatal situations.

People have experienced muggings on Lion’s Head, and there have been reported deaths in Table Mountain National Park areas.

About Cape Town Mountains

It’s simple to run out of adjectives once talking about Table Mountain National Park in Cape Town. The world-famous National Park has multiple titles and comprises some different mountains. The most visited mountains include Lion’s Head mountain and Table Mountain. 

Table Mountain is also referred to as the Table Top, with a flat top structure and an elevation of 1 km above Cape Town. The former mountain of Lion’s Head is another thriving tourist destination. Standing at 669 meters and attracts thousands of people hike this couching lion-shaped rock each year.

Lion’s Head and Table Mountain are both natural wonders. At the same time, one mountain shaped like a crouching lion overlooks the city, the other takes the appearance of a Table Top.

Made from a combination of hard and relatively soft stone – Both Lion’s Head and Table Mountain, are geological masterpieces. The ranges of Table Mountain National Park is there to show the world how South Africa makes for a top tourist destination with these Cape Town hikes.

Table Top rises nearly straight from the Atlantic Ocean. At the same time, Lion’s Head Cape Town is a centrepiece to the city sightseeing in the Mother City. Lion’s Head mountaintop has an outlook pointing towards Cape Point and casts its shadow over the City of Cape Town. Any time of day or night, the view from Table Mountain is fabulous. 

Lion’s Head hike, in particular, has even better Table Mountain views. Still, we will save the surprise for your guided hiking tour with lionsheadhike.com. The landmarks visible from on top of the mountain include Robben Island. In this place, Nelson Mandela, the deceased president of South Africa, was in prison.

About Lion’s Head

Lion’s Head is a place where one will hear the white noise of complete silence. This stillness might now and then be shaken by sounds far and near like the chirping of birds. 

Squeaking sound of a dassie and the distant chime of a church bell. The muffled roars of Camps Bay Beach waves crashing, the horn honks coming from Signal Hill or the music coming from one of Clifton’s beach parties.

One of the best things about Lion’s Head mountain is the very fact that it is part of Table Mountain National Park. There is the natural element of wildness despite the proximity to Cape Town city.

There are places where you may pitch a tent to go to Lion’s Head and Table Mountain camping for years at a time while not making contact with another hiker. A place where you’d only hear the birds and bees without interruption except for the days when the weather in Cape Town gets loud, like thunder. 

Pockets of pre-civilization on Lion’s Head still exist, these places of undeveloped solitude remain out of sight and hearing from all Cape Town accommodation. All this but four kilometers (2.5 miles) from the city center, traffic jams on Signal Hill Road and shopping malls Including the well-known Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.

About Table Mountain

The Table Mountain National Park has been dated to be seven times older than the Himalayas, making this National Park a significant part of South African history. The history of South Africa, age, and formation make for ideal hiking in Cape Town, included in the services we offer at lionsheadhike.com.

Table Mountain is also a place that would tend to represent various things to people from different countries. The American may find it fun to escape into nature with a day hike. All hikes have an educational element, so the Canadian may be more interested in the knowledge. 

Some may even find the photography-oriented tour intriguing. At the same time, the Johannesburg crowd says “lekker boet this place is better than my hometown.” Let’s not forget those travellers from Dubai who get real nature in Cape Town that is not fake. 

More information on this is described on the About us page, in short, the country of origin where you travel from does not matter, only that you enjoy the hike with us.

The mountain in all its media coverage has a past. Witnessing the rise and fall of an ocean. The roaming of the creatures of the earth from the time of the dinosaurs. The weather in Cape Town with its countless storms have worn the two mountains right down.

At the same time, Lion’s Head height used to stand much taller millions of years ago, however, still, this crumbling shaped animal of a mountain beams with abundant life and energy. 

The Table Top has also gotten smaller with the passing of days; the rock type has made Table Mountain height lower than previously thought. Making this 1-kilometre high mountain an even closer distance to Cape Town.

Table Mountain routes including Platteklip Gorge hike, India Venster hike – on the other side of Table Mountain is Kirstenbosch Gardens. The botanical gardens, with its many hiking trails, are on the back face of Table Mountain National Park map. 

That’s a part of the magic of Table Mountain National Park and Lion’s Head mountain. What’s more, all sides of Table Mountain, including the Lion’s Head mountain range has its character. North facing rock high over the Cape Town, is stacked with low bushes, sparsely vegetated due to soil and rain conditions, and sun-baked.

There is another side to Table Mountain where Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is on the lush eastern side, a native forest. The east side with lots of tropical jungle is near the beautiful Constantia and Newlands areas. 

The name of the direction toward Cape of Good Hope is called the Twelve Apostles, dissected into a series of 12 peaks while commanding an ocean towards Boulders Beach. Then there’s the rear city slicker side, a mildly forested area and the secluded valley. That is where the Platteklip Gorge trail makes civilization feel one thousand miles away.

Lion’s Head Cape Town trail map.

The Lion’s Head hiking trail is 5.5 km both ways. The 5.5 km hiking trail is around the loop. Two different routes to reach the top of Lion’s Head mountain are available. Lion’s Head routes to choose from including the Chains and the Spiral Route. 

Each way has a unique set of turns and twists. The end is the spectacular panoramic mountain top of Lion’s Head.

The mountain top overlooks the city of Cape Town. The hike has taken you on a journey up the tail, back and mane of the Lion. On its head, there will be photographs to be taken and sights to behold.

Different map routes to hike Lion’s Head

The two routes are carefully selected based on the fear of heights and technical ability. The two ways have elements for both beginner and advanced. The more technical path is called the Chains. 

The Chains of Lion’s Head mountain is for the fearless of heights. The rock formation on the Chains route is far more challenging than the Spiral Route of Lion’s Head. This makes for some stable rock maneuvering. Be careful! This route has been known to be a bit on the steep side.

Either the way up or the decent. A guide is strongly advised if you would like to adhere to the Lion’s Head mountain safety guidelines. The Spiral route is also known as the recommended route for Lion’s head. 

The Spiral route takes a little longer than the Chains route, weaving its way around the mountain instead of directly upwards. The Spiral route is best for beginners or otherwise for hikers with a fear of heights.

Ample time is provided by your guide for this route, and we take the utmost care in avoiding the dangers of Lion’s Head mountain. If you are hiking alone or would simply like to experience the best hike without the added effort of selecting your routes, book a walk! We are here for your needs and plan the course to your technical skill level and abilities.

When a routes map is not enough

Certain times a map of Lion’s Head is not enough. Some hiking trails do require a guide on Lion’s Head and Table Mountain. For these technical hikes, it would be strongly recommended to use the services of a hiking guide.

If you would like to use a map for hiking up Lion’s Head, then it would be better to find a knowledgeable hiking partner. This is because Lion’s head trails are not well demarcated on the map. Getting lost is the last situation that you would like to find yourself in. However, if you are set in hiking Lion’s Head alone, common sense would be a must.

With or without a trail map?

It is always recommended to start hiking an unknown path with an idea of the route you will be taking. Lion’s Head path is a route that you should take only when there are other hikers around to look out for you. There are little signs of demarcating Lion’s head path.

The characters start at Lion’s Head entrance, there you will find an introductory map and a landmark notice. After that, it’s all up to you to reach the second and sign that will take you on one of two different routes. The Lion’s Head Spiral route and the Lion’s Head Chains route .

If you are hiking with one of our guides, the other ways will be clearly explained, and also you will get juicy insight into the history of Lion’s Head. If having fun and hiking safely is how you would like to hike then look no further, our support is here to take your booking and answer questions.

Guided hikes up Lion’s Head

We don’t need a trail map for Lion’s Head hikes. Why? Because all of the trails we do regularly are second nature to us. We live on the mountain and spend a fair amount of time planning and getting to know different routes on Lion’s Head.

Our hikes are planned for you to see and experience the most. Getting to know Lion’s Head mountain is accessible. One of our experienced guides will take you on a route to your technical skill level and abilities. If you feel like a course is getting too harsh or you simply need a breather, our guides will tell you how long until the next photo and refreshments break.  


Our tours have consistently received TripAdvisor certificate of excellence award from 2014 to 2018 as rated by our previous guests. The excellence status is just given to a limited number of outperforming registered institutions worldwide, those who consistently carry out outstanding traveler reviews on TripAdvisor. 

The positive reviews we get on TripAdvisor are proof that our service excellence helps build unforgettable experiences for you. Read more of our excellent reviews.

Low rate guarantee.

Best prices for guided hiking tours, we offer all-inclusive options at a fixed rate. Hikes are priced per person and include everything you need, all is provided.

Knowledgeable local guides.

Hiking guides for Cape Town tours are local South Africans. Delighted to share their in-depth knowledge of South Africa within a wide range of topics.

Hiking safety.

Mountain safety is essential, take the wrong step and do so at your own danger. Our guides lookout for hiking safety with your best interests.

Facts about Lion’s Head

We discuss you must know facts about Lion’s Head hike including, safety guidelines one must follow to hike Lion’s Head without injury. Lion’s head trails, the different routes to hike Lion’s Head mountain. Learn about Lion’s Head hike duration, how much time it takes to complete a Lions Head hike.

Suppose you are thinking about hiking lions head at a particular time of day. In that case, this page covers the different Lion’s Head hike times. Use the Lion’s Head trail map, a picture of varying Lion’s Head trail routes. 

Find where the Lion’s Head trail starts, with these directions, from Cape Town to Lion’s Head. Tips that will help you hike Lions Head alone – not recommended – or with a professional mountain guide – highly recommended – with Hike Lion’s Head, award-winning treks and tours.

Look to the bright side, Lion’s Head hike is suitable in almost all weather in Cape Town. (Except some weather of course). Lion’s Head hike distance, a round trip that starts and finishes at the same place, the length is included as distance and time. How much Lion’s Head hike costs vary in price, we offer the lowest rate for Lion’s Head hike – exclusive to readers of this page.

Do not skip this page if you plan on hiking in Cape Town, included in the article is must-know facts. Keyword phrases and FAQ’s about Lion’s Head hike, exclusive to Hike Lion’s Head website readers. Enjoy a better Lion’s Head hike by reading more of this page.

Embark on a Lion’s head hike and feel a mixture of excitement and joy. A Lion’s Head hike that starts at the Lion’s Head trail is a highly rated attraction in Cape Town. People come to see Lion’s Head mountain as an attraction but also to hike the mountain. 

Hiking is a high risk outdoors adventure activity, which requires a guide – our services included guided hikes and adventure tours.

Hike Lion’s Head – is excited to take you on a guided hike up one of Cape Town’s best hiking trails. We specialise in the Lion’s Head trail, always ready for the next adventure with the people who come to join our hiking tours.

There’s a reason why we have put together this comprehensive article providing information on the Lion’s Head hike. Primarily because our company – Hike Lion’s Head – services include Lion’s Head hike at the lowest rate. Secondly, this article is here to help you with a keyword phrase, must-know facts and frequently asked questions about Lion’s Head hike.

Benefits of hiking with us.

The nature aspect of our uniquely designed hiking tours is one of the many benefits of hiking with us. Also beneficial to your travels through Cape Town is by walking safety and reeling in the knowledge of locally known places, which are highly recommended by your guide.

Tour itineraries for the Table Mountain guided hike and Lion’s Head hike are tailor-made to fit your Cape Town schedule. Take into account the best Lion’s Head hike price and the highest cost to hike Table Mountain. 

For those, our tours depart at four times of day for Lion’s Head hike and Table Mountain hike. We are adequately planned to see the best view with additional thought to proper mountain safety.

lionsheadhike.com guides plan tours with insurance and have qualified guides who are authorized as members of the South African Tourism Services Association (SATSA). We are guaranteeing your hike up Table Mountain, or Lion’s Head is a professional experience.

All Cape Town tours by lionsheadhike.com are an open group – except if a private tour or if it’s requested. With scheduled departure hike times, so your adventures go in keeping with your plans in a group.

The least number of hikers per tour is one person. This number of persons means that a guided hiking tour will always depart with solo travellers. Single bookings for Table Mountain hike or Lion’s Head hike are welcome. 

The Table Top Cape Town tour and other hikes may also depart on at different times depending on the weather in Cape Town. Weather permitting, the Aerial Cable Car is the mode of transport down the Table Top, all-inclusive in the Table Mountain hike cost.

As lionsheadhike.com is South African owner-operated with American style customer service. We have a genuine interest to ensure all hikes are a safe and pleasant travel experience for all guests.

Clients safety* on hikes is first, and we will give a certain standard of service and management to your needs.

From managing corporate team building activities to school groups to academically intense educational hikes for postgraduates).

 *safety of Lion’s Head Hike guests is a priority. 

The business is Southern African; the directors have the latest information about any political instability. Dangerous areas in Cape Town and are best ready to tell travellers on which Cape Town areas are safe and which are best to avoid.

All guides and operators are carefully chosen to confirm they’re hiking qualified and have relevant experience with guiding to help Lion’s Head Hike tours.

Itineraries for hiking are consistent with Cape Town weather, to avoid the crowds throughout the busy seasons. Around your choice of destinations which will most definitely enhance your tour experience during your guided hiking expedition in Cape Town.

Travelling with lionsheadhike.com can broaden horizons, ask people who have taken a Lion’s Head full moon hike. The sheer size of the moon must increase one’s perception of matters outside of hiking. Illuminating Cape Town during the midnight hour of the night encourage better sensitivity, promote sympathy for conservation and ultimately enhance prospects from a global perspective.

Benefits for interest groups.

We give FREE planning assistance to those organizing interest groups. Including business like corporate team building, business functions, international groups, introduction tours, Trip organizers are welcome to visit us for help in coming up with trips at low-cost rates. 

Corporates enjoy reduced rates on hiking tours, for more information contact our sales team by sending an email.

Facilitating interest group journeys in Southern Africa design on lionsheadhike.com corporate hikes or foreign introduction hiking tours. Tourists will find these tours enriching and education across all disciplines and levels, even for doctors, lawyers, engineers and other classified professionals.

We can recommend and design tour agendas with Lion’s Head Hikes’ in-house team of guiding experts to cater to establishments. Those who would like to join itineraries into team building programs and to award participants with enjoyable hiking experience.

Our team building tours by Lion’s Head Hike, planned by tourism specialists and skilled educators. With information and in-depth expertise in facilitating corporate group tours in South Africa.

An element of fun is an ingredient to any or all of Lion’s Head Hike itineraries. The guides plan tours to be fun and interactive across many disciplines and levels; there is no-one who will not benefit from booking a hike up to the summit. Of Table Mountain Aerial Cableway or Lion’s Head.

Community projects that have an element of being physically involved is an integral part of lionsheadhike.com’s core charity initiative. We promote all active participants to shift focus into doing something proactive, take part in charity initiatives and support local community-based tourism initiatives. 

All of the charity work goes through carefully selected projects while paid tour Table Mountain bookings through lionsheadhike.com are the catalyst to helping those charities in need of financial support.

Giving these charities finance, and the people opportunity, employment, skills, and education is part of a solution to ending crime caused by poverty on the rise in South Africa. If you are looking for the first-hand experience of South Africa’s official poverty numbers, lionsheadhike.com can recommend a township tour. 

Cape Town to see for yourself. Township tours are very popular with travelers, and Lion’s Head Hike and we would help you book one of these tours into the various townships in Cape Town.

As many of our previous lionsheadhike.com tours, participants have said if you wish to book a corporate team building activity in South Africa. Through Lion’s Head Hike network of affiliated organizations. 

We will give support, travel recommendation and help with accommodation arrangements, all of this to our clients booking a guided hiking tour with us.

Cost: R1150 = $80 Per person.

Book a guided Lions Head hike.

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