Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Our vision

At Lion’s Head Hike, we embrace proudly South African nature. It’s our pleasure to guide you on your next hiking journey. Go exploring the gorgeous Table Mountain National Park with flora, fauna and encompassing views of the Western Cape.

Lion’s Head Hike is a Cape Town hiking company with many years of experience and satisfied clients. Our goal at Lion’s Head Hike is to share a passion for hiking with guided hiking tours of Lion’s Head and Table Mountain.

Hikes are made possible by our knowledgeable mountain guides. Our team enjoys living a healthy work-life balance with outdoor activities, making the climbing experience for you.

The company has been awarded as excellent by sites including TripAdvisor; our Facebook page is also a huge success.

Nature and mountains are our passion and not to mention a commitment to service excellence lies at the centre of the goals. We set for guided hiking tours, ensuring you get the ultimate Cape Town hiking experience. takes pride in being a client-centric company with flexible hiking choices, qualified mountain guides, careful planning in detail.

As skilled and highly experienced mountain guides, the cost to hike made less by the valuable insight shared along the journey. Never skimping on safety, Lion’s Head hike and even the Table Mountain hike is better suited with a guided hiking tour company including

We offer a wide range of different half-day hikes and mountain climbs tailored to travel needs and interests. Starting from our leisurely Lion’s Head hike to our adventurous off the beaten path Table Mountain hike.

Our mission

We acknowledge and respect all that comes from Cape Town. Our water shortage has priority, followed by the native plants, local animals and all people who were born in South Africa or moved here after a period.

It is our mission to make sure that our clients have a safe hike, pleasurable sightseeing, and memorable guided hiking tour experience. We are here to help people from all around the world, reconnect with nature and absorb the beautiful scenery that surrounds Cape Town.

We believe in outdoor ethics for businesses where we take excellent pictures. Using that iPhone Camera or Canon you bought on Gumtree South Africa at second-hand prices. Leave only footprints on the trail,

maybe even with those hiking shoes, you bought at one of South Africa’s hiking stores including K-Way, Sportsmans Warehouse or Takealot.

It is our mission to bring you Cape Town tours for the many beautiful hikes in and around Cape Town. These hiking trails and route are half-day hikes; we offer at Lion’s Head Hike.

  • Lion’s Head hike.
  • -Spiral Route / Alternative route (Left route).
  • -Chains Route (Right direction).
  • Table Mountain hike / Table Top hike.
  • –India Venster hike.
  • –Platteklip Gorge hike.
  • –Skeleton Gorge / Nursery Ravine hike (Kirstenbosch Gardens).

Where doable, the hikes we offer include a picture, trail map, and directions. The description on the hiking pages will help you to assess your fitness level, the technical difficulty of the trail. Whether it’s child-friendly or dog-friendly, how much does it cost, what the duration is and vice versa?

The Lion’s Head hike page, for example, includes details of the hike and pictures to help you find what you are looking for. The Table Mountain hike page is all about the Table Top hike, with relevant info.

If there are references to maps or books, then these are placed at the bottom (e.g., Google maps or Pictures by Friends of Lion’s Head). More info about Lion’s Head Mountain page is on our Facebook page.

Lion’s Head Mountain Cape Town is the place you should go to see how this mountain has attracted tens of thousands of visitors. However, if you are looking for Lion’s Head hike reviews, our TripAdvisor is the best place to start searching. Most of our hikes listed beneath the header section of the website are at the bottom of our page.