Responsibilities of include those related to the environment, society, economy and you as our valued clients. These responsibilities are all-inclusive of a healthy living standard. We take South African pride in our work at with the many guided hiking tours we offer including Lion’s Head hike and Table Mountain hikes.

Responsibility to the environment. view on natural living. Planting indigenous South African trees and fynbos vegetation rehabilitation on tour itineraries with the authorized approval of relevant nature reserve officers on Table Mountain SAN Park, helping locals and travellers to turn the scale and offset the carbon footprint or ‘cost’ of travelling by making educated choices.

  • Promoting South African volunteer programs that take away alien vegetation from natural habitats.
  • Supporting nonprofit and environmental organizations like ‘Biodiversity and Wine’ initiative once choosing the variations in wine estates we enjoy visiting.
  • Groups are advised on sustainable food choices to avoid consumption of rare or endangered species. The recommendation outlined by the South African property food Institute (SASSI) and limits consumer choice of perishable items in limited supply.
  • Encouraging token use of water from natural springs on Table Mountain and reusing the shower water to water your home garden.
  • Offering tours by foot to aid cut back carbon emissions, being aware of our energy use while hiking and use all workplace business generated waste, wherever doable

Responsibility to society.

  • Encourage genuine moving interactions between travellers and South African locals.
  • Respecting South African laws and the customs acts that govern society, bearing in mind the local population and governance.
  • Assist deprived people to become freelance and work for themselves to earn enough money to fulfil their basic needs.
  • Researching and advising our hiking clients from the United States and all over the world on sustainable living in South Africa. To more carefully choose the products they buy and consume. support, among other initiatives, the sustainable Livelihoods Foundation that asks people from all walks of life to contribute towards eliminating poorness. Through creative problem solving using collective brainpower and community engagement to develop and move forward with innovative approaches to strengthening people’s livelihoods for the better. Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation is a nonprofit organization and registered Section twenty-one (not-for-gain) company.

Responsibility to the economy

  • Supporting locally owned and South African subsidiary owned accommodation in Cape Town like hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts in preference to foreign-owned hotel chains.
  • Purchasing authentic, locally made travel merchandise, gifts and verified sustainability harvested natural product from the earth.
  • Encouraging foreign tourists, to aid Americans and foreign nationals to buy crafts from South African accredited suppliers. Using local suppliers that use the same policy of responsible business practices.
  • Abide by the laws of the country, pays the annual license, certifications, and administration include national park membership fees!
  • Profits generated from hikes are put back into the local economy of South Africa to improve the lives of others.

Responsibility to you

  • Take Every safety precaution on tours to hike safely with our enthusiastic clients.
  • Providing qualified tour leaders with a pleasant experience and exceptional qualities to guide Cape Town hiking journeys.
  • All the vehicles used are certified as roadworthy South Africa and have proper roadworthy certificates, approved by roadworthy testing stations.
  • All vehicles used for travelling functions (excludes game vehicles) fitted with seat belts.
  • All drivers are appropriately qualified with applicable professional South African driver’s licenses.
  • We outsource some activities to firms that are bona fide legal entities and are suitably experienced and qualified tour guides to managing a hike according to events.
  • We go out of our way to do safety inspections on Cape Town accommodation establishments before your arrival.